Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nexus 4 Poetic Borderline Bumper Review

$9.95- Poetic Borderline


This bumper gives you a slim minimalistic look.  On the edge of the bumper you see a somewhat partly glossy finish and matte grey edges.  All ports are easily accessible and the buttons are easy to push in.  The bumper goes just over the back of the Nexus 4, but leaves most of the back exposed.    


The main purpose of the Poetic Borderline is to show off the beautiful back of the Nexus 4 at the expense of protection.  The bumper as a whole gives one a much grippier phone and should ultimately result in less drops.  The bumper has a lip that goes just over the screen; if one's Nexus 4 does fall face first, then the lip should somewhat reduce the impact of the fall.

Final Verdict

The Poetic Borderline is a high quality bumper and a great value for the price.  At $9.95, this case is a steal.  The case is available in six cool colors: Black/Gray, Blue/Gray, Green/Gray, Purple/Gray, Red/Gray, and Yellow/Gray.  If one is interested in a slim profile bumper that gives minimal protection, this is the bumper for you.  

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