Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nexus 4 Dock Review


  • This dock gives you all the basic features.  Simple installation, and the charging feature works like a charm.
  • This dock keeps all of your cords and plugs in one place, so you shouldn’t be worried about knocking it over.  This dock works great for at home, at work, and you can even use it as a stand on an airplane.  And for the price, you could easily get a couple!
  • One of my favorite features is that this dock can be placed in both landscape and portrait mode, so you can easily get the best media viewing angle.    
  • The dot on the bottom right hand corner of the dock is great because it automatically lights up that way you can easily ensure your Nexus 4 is charging
  • Finally, this dock looks great!  It gives you a nice premium finish and definitely feels like it’s worth more than $13 dollars.

  • The speakers on the back of the dock don’t work as well as external audio output.  
  • The dock isn’t compatible with cases, not even the 1mm thin Diztronic Hardshell.

  • There is no ugly because this dock was made by Samsung and just so happens to work with the Nexus 4

For under $15 and with free prime shipping, this dock is an absolute beast.  This dock keeps everything you need in a neat and orderly fashion.  If you need a simple charger and stand for your Nexus 4, this is the dock for you.  Be sure to check it out on Amazon for $13 and remember to like if you enjoyed the video and remember to subscribe for more.


  1. Have you tested whether either the Ringke Slim or Poetic Palette works with this dock?