Saturday, November 10, 2012

Otterbox Defender for iPad Mini Full Review!


·      Black, Pink, Gray
·      It has a nice back design and feel to it
·      All slots are easily accessible
·      Screen Protector goes just onto the bezel to make sure you can touch the corner of the screen.
·      Feels like the expensive product it is


·      Start with the not as obvious stuff, “it’s an OB”
·      It has a protective film protector
·      Three layers of absolute protection is guaranteed to save your $329 plus purchase safe
·      The extra add on is great if you want to be able to run over your ipad
·      I would feel comfortable dropping my iPad Mini with this case on


·      Add on Stand feature and extra piece is absolutely genius. 
·      Use it as a stand and back and front piece

Final Verdict

·      This case is an absolute beast
·      It has more function and protection than a TPU case while still keeping a somewhat slim profile
·      Everything is completely accessible and you can press all buttons.

For $69.99 this is without a doubt the best case rugged case on the market.  If you want a rugged case don’t look any farther than the otterbox defender.  I trust this case with my iPad Mini’s life and when you guys use this, you will too.

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