Monday, November 19, 2012

INVELLOP Smart Case for iPad Mini Review


• Very thin profile
• Looks and seems like the Apple Smart Cover
• All slots are easily accessible
• Feels like an expensive nice leather case
• The smart cover stay attatched to the screen
• Smart Cover feels like a nice leather and isn’t too stiff or flappy
• Bazillions of colors
Colors available:
— Black
— Brown
— Dark Magenta
— Grey
— Orange
— Pink
— Red
— Vintage Blue
— Lime Green
— White
— Navy Blue
— Purple

• The back feels very hard and protective
• Bottom of Smart Cover is a nice soft smart cover
• All ports and slots are easily accessible
• Thin but feels strong

• Smart Cover!
• Has two different angles for typing and viewing video
• Again very thin and comparable to the Smart Cover

Final Verdict

Out of all the cases I’ve reviewed this is easily the best. For only $14.99 you get the great looks and colors of the smart cover and luxury feel and looks to it too. This doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap it feels like a case that could be easily priced at $40+ , like the Smart Cover. If I had to buy any case at the moment, this would be it.

This was a quick written review for the Invellop Smart Case. You can check out my channel in the description for the full review. I'll try my best to upload some pictures if I have the time tomorrow.


  1. I cannot find this cover in colors for the mini.
    I also cannot find it anywgere but from Amazon who is offering it in black

    1. The Navy Blue one is on Amazon. I would expect more to be put up soon.