Friday, January 18, 2013

Poetic Palette Review

The first thing I noticed about this case, is that unlike most other hardshells, it is easy to take on and off. It also has a cool, modern design unlike the typical hard shell.  Side by side the Diztronic Hard Shell, the Pallete looks much classier.  

The soft polycarbonate back gives you somewhat of a grippy feel to it, and won’t attract pocket lint or smudges.  The one thing I haven’t mentioned is how slim this case truly is.  While Poetic hasn’t yet given us the exact dimensions; I can guarantee you that it is as thin, or thinner than the 1mm thick Diztronic Hardshell.  

My main gripe, which may not be a concern to you viewers, is that the case doesn’t have a lip.  The benefit to a lip is that if the phone is dropped face first, there will be less of an impact; resulting in less damage to the phone itself.  

Final Verdict

The Poetic Pallete is easily the best slim case out on the market.  While I haven’t gotten the chances to check out Reath’s Ringke Slim Case.  I trust that this is a much better overall product; considering we shouldn’t need a replacement one.  The modern classy look gives it a much better look than other competing cases and the grippy back is definitely a plus.  Therefore the Poetic Pallete receives a 5 star review.  

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