Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nexus 7 Got Stolen ;(

My Nexus 7, Poetic case, and sleeve got stolen at school today.  That's over $300 in electronics stolen!  I feel stupid because I could've easily prevented this by installing an app like Lookout.  This is just a reminder to always have a security app installed on your valuable electronics.  I tried using Plan B, but the thief continues to uninstall it.

Luckily, I payed using an Amex credit card and am able to get a refund of my money for the tablet, but not the accessories.  Please, don't make the same mistake I did.  Install a security service like Lookout to keep your device and personal information safe.

Because of this obstacle, I may not have the chance to upload many videos for the next week or so.  Most of them were based on the Nexus 7, and I had ideas planned for the Poetic Case and sleeve.  So don't think I bailed on you guys if I don't get my Nexus 7 for another week.

Thank you for the patience and support.



If you haven't already picked up a Nexus 7, you can get one for $249 shipped here:

Google Nexus 7

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