Sunday, August 19, 2012

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy The Official Nexus 7 Case

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Purchase The Official Nexus 7 Case

1.     Price-


You can actually get it for cheaper at Sams Club:

Dark Grey- Nexus 7 Dark Grey Travel Cover 

The official N7 case is a mind boggling $20 not including shipping and tax.  You can buy a                   halfway decent case on Amazon for $7 shipped.  I feel like Google wanted to try to make some extra cash on the case, instead of the actual tablet.

2.     Product Quality & Overal Feel-

This case feels like it costed less than $5 to produce.  The rubbery cheapy feel doesn’t help me think any better of it.  The front flap is very flimsy and “flappy”, if you were to walk around with it, it would be all over the place.  That isn’t what you expect from Google and Asus. 

3.     Smart Cover-

My main concern is that this doesn’t have a “Smart Cover” feature implemented into it.  Most Amazon cases that cost more than $10 have a smart cover feature implemented into it.  A Smart Cover feature would have most definitely have helped with the flappy front cover.

4.     Protection-

The Official Nexus 7 Case provides little to not at all protection of the Nexus 7.  If you dropped a “naked” Nexus 7 from five feet and a Nexus 7 armed with the official case, I don’t think there would be much of a difference.  I would still be worried walking around Times Square with the Nexus 7 in my hand.

5.     Lack of Selection-

The only colors availible at this point for the Nexus 7 case are “dark grey”.  No one wants to put their Nexus 7 into a dark grey case.  Luckily, Asus is coming out with colored cases, but why wait so long to release them?  In my mind, the lack of selection and choices is a huge issue regarding this case.

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